About HNC

How we began...
In July 2001 the League of Women voters created a Nutritional Task Force to identify the obstacles low-income families experience in accessing food and nutritional resources in Bucks County. It was in response to our findings that we added the word "hunger" to our title.

The Hunger Nutrition Coalition (HNC) has determined that Bucks County has families that are "food insecure" due to a lack of adequate resources. Food insecurity is the lack of reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Who we are...

HNC has developed into a strong coalition that fosters community partnerships in Bucks County. Our purpose is to ensure food security and access to healthy, nutritious food for residents of Bucks County by educating, connecting and promoting the efforts of hunger relief partners. The Bucks County Opportunity Council (BCOC), which supervises State and Federal food offerings, serves as the lead agency for the group. HNC membership is open to any hunger relief partner that fits our purpose statement and community members and organizations with interest. 

What we do...

HNC meets approximately six times a year and serves as a platform for collaborative, coordinated action. Some of our primary duties include proposing innovative solutions to improve the local food system, creating educational opportunities regarding food insecurity and access to healthy, nutritious foods, and promoting the efforts of the HNC hunger relief partners in Bucks County. 

HNC also sponsors a biennial Hunger Survey to assist in determining the food and nutritional needs of families in Bucks County. In addition to the Survey, we also organize and co-sponsor, with Delaware Valley University, a biennial Hunger Forum. The Hunger Forum enables groups from across the region to come together in order to discuss best practices and network around issues of food insecurity, nutrition and solutions. 

HNC Featured Partner

Rolling Harvest gleans fresh food from farms & delivers to pantries.

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